Pantone-Inspired Collection

I have had the idea for this Series of Collections in my mind for almost two years. I was initially inspired by my wonderfully talented friend, Greta Lindquist, and her 100 Day Challenge in which she painted florals on the 100 Pantone Post Cards. 

I have been through so many changes in the past months - the most jarring of which has been leaving my career as a teacher and moving into a new full-time position. It has been so good; however, it has left me with significantly less time in the studio - or a need to have more purposeful time in the studio.

The ideas brewing in my mind for the Pantone-Inspired Series just seemed perfect for this year as I navigate my new world. 

This is the first Collection of a multi-part series that will be releasing over time. Each Collection will have several Pantone Post Card-inspired designs - and only three sets of each design. 

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