Lavender Round Ornament

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Every year, I aim to purchase 2-3 hand-painted ornaments from various artists. Yes, I realize that I can get ornaments at Target or Wal-Mart for far cheaper - but I am not aiming for cheaper. I am aiming for elevated and original and beautiful and to one day have a Christmas tree that is filled with handmade ornaments (from artists throughout the world and the precious ones created by my children throughout the years) - all valuable and unique in their own way - all with their own story.

I have found it to be a great way to collect original artwork from artists that I admire. I love taking out my bin of Christmas ornaments each year and being able to admire each and every ornament anew. 

Each of these ornaments have been hand-painted by me. I spent many evenings at the desk in my home studio painting and hoping that these ornaments would someday bring someone joy. This hand-painted ceramic ornament is an heirloom to cherish for years to come.

This ornament measures about 3 inches in diameter.