My newest collection - The Hope Collection - comes at a time when people are eager for change and are hopeful that 2021 will bring better, brighter days.

Hope for change. Hope for health. Hope for success. Hope for growth. Hope for happiness. Hope for togetherness. Hope for normalcy. Hope for so many, many things.

It is my sincere hope that my artwork brings a little joy and beauty in your life. Creating and sharing beauty has been the goal since day one - and I just feel like bringing beauty into the world - in any form - is more important now than ever.



Hi! I am Breanna - I am an artist, a business owner, and a homeschool mama to 3 rambunctious little boys.

I have always been creative. Some of my earliest memories are of laying on my belly drawing portraits and coloring with my little sister.

Creativity ebbs and flows and that has been so true in my life. I have gone through periods of time where the pull on my heart to create is impossible to ignore and other times where it is the VERY LAST thing I want to do.

Lately, I have been devoting more time to my creativity and practicing my craft on an almost daily basis - which has led to me falling head over heels in love with art all over again.

I decided to go all in with my creative business in January of 2020 by investing in myself and my business. I needed better art supplies, I needed to learn how to build a successful creative business. I invested in branding and photography. I discovered and learned from so many other creative woman - many of whom are now close friends. I have experienced so much growth - in my craft, in my business, and in myself.

In any moment of spare time, you can find me in the coziest of clothes - snuggled up with a good book, rolling out clay, or with a paint brush in hand. 

It truly means the world to me that you are here. I hope my artwork brings you joy. One of my biggest goals as an artist is to help bring beauty into your life. Whether that be by wearing a pair of gorgeous, handmade earrings or hanging original artwork on your wall. If my artwork can make you smile and bring you joy on a daily basis - that would make me so happy!

Please take a look around and ENJOY

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