Get to know Kacie Landis Bourque

In preparation for my upcoming collaboration collection with Kacie - I though you all should get to know her a little better.

If you don't yet follow her on social media - you should. Artists add beauty to your feed through absolutely gorgeous photographs, hypnotic and soothing process videos, and so much more. 

Enjoy the following facts provided by Kacie:

  1.  Full name: Kacie Landis Bourque (pronounced Burk)
  2. I'm from New Orleans, LA, but currently living in El Paso, TX.
  3. I started painting flowers when I lived in Louisiana - finding references was easy there. Now that I live in the desert, finding my floral inspiration feels like a treasure hunt. It forces me to constantly be looking for beauty & to "stop and smell the roses" when I find them.
  4. Painting from my own photos & memories is an important part of my process & helps me feel really connected to the work.
  5. I've known my husband since 7th grade
  6. We just welcomed our first baby girl this fall (assuming she'll be here by the time this goes out)
  7. In addition to my studio work, I also paint live at weddings and events!
  8. I started my career as a graphic designer and slowly transitioned to painting full-time over the course of a few years.
  9. I'm 6 ft tall.
  10. I have a studio pup named Reba who's always by my side. She gets so excited to see me packaging prints because she knows a ride to the Post Office is coming soon - her favorite!
  11. I'm endlessly inspired by impressionist painters - Sorolla is my all-time favorite!
  12. I love playing with different mediums, but I always come back to oil paint.
  13. Lately, I've been bingeing all the True Crime Podcasts while I work.
  14. I'm a total morning person & it's rare to see me up past 9 pm.
  15. In college, I worked as a graphic design intern at Disneyland where I got to design a bi-weekly magazine - so fun!
  16. I've been working on an ever-growing collection of garden paintings over the last 2 years.

17. A goal of mine for 2024 is to simplify and work slowly. I want to make some big paintings and really focus on making my best work yet!

18. I'm very much an introvert.

19. I love to travel, but I'm equally as happy at home watching a good movie with my family.

20. The best days are the ones where I get lost in a painting. I can easily go for 8 hours stretches if I'm really into it!


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