New Richmond Tigers - Hometown Collection

I love living in a small town and getting to raise my boys in a small town - it's such a blessing.

My husband played hockey his entire life and my two littlest boys are just starting another season with the New Richmond Youth Hockey Association. I can not believe that I didn't think of creating New Richmond Tiger-themed earrings before now - even for just myself!

Most people at small town sporting events have sweatshirts or hats or t-shirts - but do they have earrings?!? And actually, do they have CUTE earrings that you would actually want to wear?!?!?!

Well - now you can LOOK CUTE and cheer on your favorite little Tiger athletes, whether they be preschoolers running amok just learning or an athlete setting records on a Varsity-level team. 


10% of all sales from this Collection will be donated to the NRYHA.

***Please allow 2-3 weeks to give me time to make your earrings (which I do by hand in my home studio) - I want them to be perfect and I try to get them out as soon as possible - but I also have three little boys that require a lot of care and supervision. :)