Measuring the Success of a Collection Launch

SO SO SO much goes into a successful collection launch. Its exhausting and I am not the best at wearing ALL the hats that need to be worn in a small business - but I am learning. I am learning how to be more successful, how to better measure my success, and how to give myself grace throughout the entire process.

My launches have not always been "successful" - and I am sure I will have more launches that do not have many sales. But I am learning to measure success in new ways. 

Did you guys know that in February 2020 I launched my very first collection of artwork on my website? Probably not - because I did not sell a single piece. I was so excited and so proud of the work I had done - AND NOT A SINGLE PIECE SOLD.

I have learned so much since then - and one of the most life changing things that I have learned is that I can only control so much.

I am slowly learning that I can not control everything - thanks to the creative business course I am taking with Emily Jeffords called MAKING ART WORK.

I can't control how many sales I make. I can't control how much money people are willing to spend on my work. So why am I setting goals for myself around that metric? I shouldn't set a goal to make $1,000 a month and then feel terrible about myself and question my worth as an artist when I don't reach that goal. I can't control how my audience spends money - no matter what I do behind the scenes.

However, I CAN control some things.  

  • CAN thoroughly enjoy the process of creating. When I allow myself to get lost in the peace and quiet of the process and allow myself to enjoy the act of creating - then and only then do I make beautiful work. 
  • CAN show you behind the scenes of my process. I can show you timelapse videos and progress photos. I can let you be a part of my creative process. 
  • CAN take my time to do things right. I can invest in high quality materials to ensure that the product I am creating is beautiful and lasting.
  • I CAN take beautiful product photographs and spend time editing to ensure my work is elevated and presented to you well. 
  • CAN control how often and how generously I share my work.
  • CAN control how I speak about my work.
  • CAN price my work in a way that honors its value and allows me to make a sustainable income so that I can continue to make beautiful work.
  • CAN continue to invest in myself and my business so that I can continue to learn and grow as an artist, a maker, and a creative entrepreneur.

I am learning to set goals around what I CAN control. When I set goals around the things that I can control in my creative business and am consistent in completing the action steps towards reaching those goals - I can feel good about my work and my progress despite how much money I make from a launch. 

My success as an artist goes so much deeper than making money or making a sale. Am I growing as an artist? Am I willing to try new things? Am I connecting with the people who follow my creative journey? Am I sharing my work in a way that elevates it and communicates its value? Am I helping people to see more beauty on their feed? on their walls? in their homes? in the world? 

If I did all of the things that I can control to the best of my ability - then it was successful. And *usually* if I do all of the things that I can control to the best of my ability - then my audience wants to show up, they want to purchase my artwork, they want to own a pair of my earrings, and they want to support my creative business. 

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