Back In My Body - 8 x 10

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Back in My Body by Maggie Rogers. This entire collection was named for the music that filled my studio over the last year - these are the songs that were on repeat as I created this artwork.
Dimensions: 8" x 10" 
Painted in acrylic paints and sealed in varnish to protect the artwork for years to come.
This collection is so special to me because painting has really been on the backburner for me creatively for the past few years while I have been focusing on polymer clay. But - obviously that is not what makes this collection special. 
This collection is special because every single piece was created during a brief period of time over the past year during which I felt a deep pull towards my easel. I only painted when I really really wanted to. It is so rare for an artist to only paint when they feel truly TRULY passionate about painting and it was an honor to be able to do that over the past year.  And I think the results are some of the best artwork that I have ever produced - I am so proud of each and every piece. 
I hope you find a piece that you love - something that speaks to you.