Custom Photo - Athlete Earrings

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Any mamas out there (or aunties or girlfriends or besties or grandmas or WHATEVER) want custom earrings featuring a photo of your precious little athlete? Of course you do. And when they (most definitely) go pro - think of how much money those earrings would be worth. 

Please add your email to the order so that I am able to reach out you regarding the photograph that you would like used. My children play hockey - however, I'd love to make some for baseball, basketball, dance, golf, wrestling, football, soccer...I mean I am not a SPORTS girly so that is what I can think of now but - send the photos my way!

If an entire team places an order (10 or more) - reach out, I will get you a discount code!

Also - because these are completely custom...please allow at least 2 weeks for me to make them and ship them.